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    Chris started Ona Foods in 2012 with his wife Anna. In their journey to finding better health in their own lives Ona was born.  Creating is what Chris enjoys best.  Whether it be developing new recipes in the kitchen, making spreadsheets, or being on the road and spreading the word about Ona Foods, Chris always enjoys a new challenge.  Ona Foods is constantly evolving just like all of us.  Being open to those changes is what encourages greatness to be born.  One of Chris’s goals for Ona Foods is to impact foodies and entrepreneurs all over the world.  By disrupting the food space through creative destruction Chris hopes others can find awareness and joy in all of their activities in life, especially food.  Really being clear about what you are doing is a constant idea that Chris is constantly returning to. Always remember why it is you set out upon this particular path and what it is you wish to accomplish. In his limited spare time Chris enjoys playing the violin, cross fit, and spending time with his wife Anna and their two sons Winston and Odin.