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Healthy Ways to Embrace Cold Weather

The first few weeks of cooler weather each year are often a welcome change of pace, but after that, the lack of sunshine and less than ideal weather can lead to less motivation, less energy, and that general feeling of being "in a funk." There are lots of healthy ways to embrace the winter weather so you can stay active and happy until it's time to pack up the winter coats again.

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Grain-Free Healthier Halloween Treats

Halloween is a time of festive fall fun, costumes, decorations, and...a whole lot of refined sugar. We're all for enjoying and celebrating with friends and family, but we also know that jumbo bags of fun-size candy aren't always so fun for our bodies and energy levels - especially if you or your family have food sensitivities. Here are a few grain-free Halloween treats that are a bit healthier than the standard chemical-laden ones you might find in the trick-or-treat bucket.

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5 Healthy Fall Breakfast Ideas

Whether your days are spent peepin' leaves on a hike or hibernating next to the fireplace, these 5 healthy fall breakfast ideas are packed with the nutrients and cozy vibes you need to fuel your fall.

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Benefits of Choosing Organic

Step into any grocery store today and you'll likely find a far greater selection of organic options than even just a decade ago. A lot of us are putting more thought into how the foods we consume affect us both physically and mentally, and that extends to what went into growing those foods. But when it comes down to it, is it really worth the extra money and sometimes effort to choose organic foods? It's worth doing your own research, but here are a few of the benefits of choosing organic foods. Wait, what counts as organic again? The easiest way to spot organic foods is looking for the USDA Certified Organic seal. These producers have to follow specific guidelines around pesticides, fertilizers,...

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Easy Back-to-School Snack Ideas

Between back-to-school schedules, sports and activities, and prepping for the upcoming holiday seasons, you want to be sure your whole family is staying fueled with the nutrients they need. Here are a few easy and healthy back-to-school snack ideas - perfect for kids or adults!

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