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Brain Boosting Breakfast Bowl

The ingredients of this breakfast bowl are specifically chosen to help with focus, brain health, and productivity so you can start your day with some serious brain fuel. And of course, it's just as delicious as it is practical!

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How to Show Yourself Love This Valentine's Day

We hear a lot about "self love" these days when it comes to mental health, careers, relationships, confidence, and well, basically everything in our lives. On the surface, self love might sound a little "woo-woo" or perhaps a little selfish, but psychology studies back up its importance. Here are a few self compassion practices to try!

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Natural Food Label Glossary

Reading and interpreting food labels is one of the best ways to make sure you're eating foods that are nutrient-dense and align with your values, but all the certifications and claims on packaging can make it difficult to know what's truly meaningful and what's just tricky marketing. Here are some of the more confusing or misleading words you might see on labels, how and if they're regulated, and what they mean.

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How to Actually Keep Your Resolutions

If you're trying to keep a New Year's resolution or just sustain a goal you set months ago, it might be tempting to rely on your willpower or motivation. But the real make-or-break for your resolutions can be found in another place - your habits. 

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Healthy Fats + Protein: The real food brain boosters

It's 2pm. You have important projects left to do today, but you're feeling that classic afternoon slump coming on - foggy mind, heavy eyes, wondering where the focus and productivity you had this morning disappeared to. Before you reach for a sugar-packed energy drink or let your brain slide into some mindless scrolling, consider one of the best options in your productivity toolbox - food!

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