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Four Ways to Enjoy Ona Snacks

While Ona bars and cookies are great on their own as a snack, there are more ways to enjoy them than you might think. If you have a stock of Ona in your pantry, try one of these creative ideas to Ona in a new way!

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Ona Cookie "Nicecream" Sandwiches

As the weather starts warming up, there's nothing like a cookie ice cream sandwich for a refreshing treat! If you're looking to ditch the long list of questionable ingredients found in most store-bought ice cream sandwiches, you're in luck. It's simple to make your own healthier version using real, whole foods - and they're easily customizable. So grab the blender and let's make some Ona Cookie "Nicecream" Sandwiches!

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Five Easy, Free Ways to Recenter Your Mind

It's an uncertain time, and no matter how much self care and organization we do, it's affecting all of us in different ways. It's more important than ever to show ourselves - and those around us - kindness, support, and grace as we navigate uncharted territory. While there's so much we cannot control right now, we can still control our thought patterns and reactions. If you're feeling the low hum of stress that seems to be surrounding us right now, here are a few quick ways to find a little mental peace amid the chaos. Get Grateful It's cliche to tell you to list what you're grateful for, but it's proven and effective. It doesn't need to be anything formal, and you can...

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