Thank You Bees: National Pollinator Week

This week is National Pollinator Week, and we can't think of a group more deserving of celebration than our hard-working bees and pollinators!

Ona & Pollinator Partnership

Bees are an insect close to our hearts here at Ona as we sweeten all of our treats with honey. So it only made sense to join forces with non-profit Pollinator Partnership to support their Bee-Friendly Farming initiative, which helps educate farmers on safe farming practices that can help support bees and other pollinators and provides certification to farms that create an exceptional habitat for bees. 

Ona Foods founder, Chris Feuille, wants to spread Pollinator Partnership’s message about safe and sustainable bee farming as these have such an impact on the quality of honey produced. “Learning about bees, honey, and the issues involved with farming can get people to focus their energy on actually making changes and educating others. Working with Pollinator Partnership is a win-win. It touches on our connection to bees and honey.  It also allows us to educate others on the farming aspect and how much of an impact farming techniques have on bees,” says Feuille. “People have an emotional connection with bees. The human species would have a very hard time staying alive without the bees and other species of pollinators. They are a cog in the wheel of life and by putting the BFF symbol on our wrapper, we’re allowing people the opportunity to dive deeper into the issue and go down the path of knowledge where action begins.”
Why should we care about pollinators?
Pollinator Week is about much more than getting honey for our treats - it's about protecting pollinator species that quite literally keep our planet's ecosystems running. According to Pollinator Partnership, between 75% and 95% of all flowering plants on earth need pollinator species to survive. That means that 1/3 of all the food you eat is possible through the work of pollinators. In fact, honey bees alone contribute over $200 billion to the global economy! So basically, we owe these little guys a whole lot of gratitude - and help. 

Where are all the pollinators going?

Based on research by the Pollinator Partnership, "pollinator populations are changing. Many pollinator populations are in decline and this decline is attributed most severely to a loss in feeding and nesting habitats." This is due to many factors like pollution, disease, misused chemicals, and changes in climate patterns. 

So how can you help?

For one thing, get educated and help spread the word about how our activity can either help conserve or destroy pollinator habitats. Plant pollinator-friendly gardens, buy local honey to support your local bee farmers, reduce pesticide use, and support farmers that use pollinator-friendly practices. You can also donate directly to Pollinator Partnership or of course, stock up on Ona Treats which also helps contribute to P2's programs. You can learn more about our work with pollinators here.

Thank you, bees and happy Pollinator Week!

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