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The Gut Brain Connection 101

The gut brain connection is one of my favorite new topics. There is an incredible amount of new research coming out on this subject daily, and all of it is super interesting (especially if you are a gut-health nerd like me!). Therefore, I wanted to give a general overview about this topic, so that the person who won’t spend tons of time pouring over the research can still make educated decisions about their gut and brain health.

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Environmental Impacts of Honey, by Clara Wisner

Before I became a nutritionist I studied economics and international resource conservation. I worked in rural Zambia teaching sustainable agricultural practices like traditional beekeeping and aquaculture. Now knowing what I know about sustainable agriculture, resource conservation, as well as nutrition, honey is an interesting case study. First of all, let’s discuss some other commonly used sweeteners, specifically the one we are all most familiar with: sugar. Sugar is hard on the environment and even harder on our physiology. We eat far more than our bodies can healthfully handle. According to a 2004 WWF study sugar is responsible for more biodiversity loss, worldwide, than any other crop. It’s a water and chemical intensive crop and the high level of processing it requires...

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