Grain-Free Healthier Halloween Treats

Halloween is a time of festive fall fun, costumes, decorations, and...a whole lot of refined sugar. We're all for enjoying and celebrating with friends and family, but we also know that jumbo bags of fun-size candy aren't always so fun for our bodies and energy levels - especially if you or your family have food sensitivities. Here are a few grain-free Halloween treats that are a bit healthier than the standard chemical-laden ones you might find in the trick-or-treat bucket.

McIntosh Mummies with Superfood Cashew Butter Yogurt Dip


Slice each apple in half and trim off the apple core and seeds. Grab a peeler and start peeling strips on the face of the apple to make the “wraps” of the mummy! Add two mini chocolate chips for eyes onto the face of the apple. For the dip, mix the yogurt and cashew butter together until smooth. Keep them at home for the kids to munch on, or take them to Halloween school parties as great shareable snacks!

Snack O Lantern Fruit Cups

Snack O' Lantern Fruit Cups

Just a few strategic slices out of an orange and you've got yourself the cutest Halloween sweet treat! Get the directions from Seeded at the Table.

Grain-Free Halloween Cut-Out Cookies

Want to get the kiddos involved without all the mess and refined sugar of cutout cookies? Ona Cookies make great "cookie dough" when you roll them out on parchment with a rolling pin! Grab some festive cookie cutters like pumpkin or ghost shapes, or let your littles (or adults - no judgement here!) use their hands to shape the cookies. And bonus - no worries if anyone steals bites of the "dough" along the way! 

Healthier Nut Butter Cups

Image via Instagram @thehealthierhaff

Melt dark chocolate and coconut oil in a bowl and mix well, then combine coconut flakes and your favorite nut butter in another. Spread a spoonful of the chocolate mixture on the bottom of each section of a cupcake pan (paper liners make for easier clean-up) and freeze until solid. Add a layer of the coconut-nut butter mixture, then freeze again. Add a final layer of the chocolate mixture and freeze until solid. Enjoy!


BOO-NANAS – Yogurt-dipped banana popsicles in the shape of mummies and ghosts. Easy for kids and the perfect healthy Halloween snacks for school or home. SO CUTE! @wellplated

These yogurt-dipped frozen bananas from Well Plated are equal parts healthy, adorable, and festive!

No time to whip up a healthy grain-free Halloween treat? Grab a pack of Ona treats to satisfy your Halloween sweet tooth and give you enough energy to stay up until the last trick-or-treaters ring the doorbell!


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