Easy Back-to-School Snack Ideas

The beginning of fall is full of anticipation, fresh starts, excitement, and renewed energy, but it can also be chaotic. Between back-to-school schedules, sports and activities, and prepping for the upcoming holiday season, you want to be sure your whole family is staying fueled with the nutrients they need. Here are a few easy and healthy back-to-school snack ideas - perfect for kids or adults!

Snack Boxes

When it comes to packing snacks and lunches, you can't go wrong with a bento box - especially if your kiddos change their minds about what foods they like every other week. This is a great way to make sure they have options and get a variety of nutrients in during the day. Try to mix things up - a little sweet, a little salty, a fruit or veggie, and a bit of protein and fat for sustained energy. If you need some inspiration, check out this Peanut Butter Banana Roll-Up box or these healthy bento box combos. Plus they're easy to swap ingredients based on dietary needs and what's on hand that day.

Photo: Eating Well

Parfait Jars

Layer your favorite Greek or non-dairy yogurt with chopped fruit and top with grain-free granola (or you can even crumble your favorite Ona bar or cookie right on top) into a wide-mouth mason jar or tightly sealed container! Depending on what you or your kids like, you can add nuts, chia or hemp seeds, or a squeeze of nut butter like Yumbutter Almond Butter.

Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas make a nutritious replacement for other crunchy snacks like chips, and it's easy to add seasonings if you need some variety (or a way to fool your kids into eating chickpeas). You can find recipes for four different recipes for flavored roasted chickpeas here or you can find them pre-made in many grocery stores.

Fruit Dip

This super simple dip is the perfect after-school snack - and a sneaky way to add some healthy fats and protein to your favorite fruits. Just mix together two (5.3 oz) containers of low-sugar Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup of creamy peanut butter (or any nut butter you like), and a bit of honey to taste if you like things sweeter. Try it with strawberries, bananas, or apple slices!


Healthy Bars

When you have no time to spare, bars are a great item to have on hand to throw into a backpack or the car when you're running around all day. You can read all about how to choose a healthy bar here, or check out our Ona variety packs to get stocked up on bars made with real food ingredients. 

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