5 Practical Ways to Celebrate the Planet on Earth Day and Beyond

Every day is a good day to be kind to the planet, and as we near the end of Earth Month, it's a great time to reflect on how our world provides for us, nourishes us, renews our spirit, and inspires a sense of awe and wonder in our lives

Growing up, you may have planted a tree at school in commemoration of Earth Day on April 22, but how can you truly celebrate and honor our planet as an adult? Here are a few ideas!

  • Take a step to reduce plastic use. If you’ve been thinking about taking steps to reduce your plastic consumption, today is a perfect day to make the leap! Invest in a few Stasher Bags and some Beeswrap to reduce your use of plastic bags and wrap. Heck, you could even buy a few extras as gifts for your friends to spread the love! Take a few reusable grocery bags out to your car right now so you have no excuse next time you shop. Buy bulk produce that doesn’t come in plastic packaging. Bring your own cup to the coffee shop today. Small steps can add up!
  • Buy used clothes and invest mindfully in clothing. Clothing is also a hugely wasteful industry, and toxic fabric dye is the number two contributor to water pollution worldwide. Rather than jump on a great deal for something you might only wear a couple of times, be mindful about choosing quality pieces from companies who are transparent and careful about their sourcing. If you need a fix of “fast fashion,” opt for used clothing from a thrift store or website like Poshmark or ThredUp. You can even host a clothing swap party with friends - and bonus, it’s a great way to save money!
  • Try composting. It might seem like a hassle, but composting can actually be easy and provides the bonus benefit of great soil for gardens or potted plants! Put a 3.5 quart ceramic crock with a lid or a small stainless steel step trash can in a convenient spot in the kitchen, then once a week, dump it outside in your compost bin outside (which can even just be a steel trash can with holes in the bottom!). Don’t have a use for the compost? Depending on where you live, your waste management company might offer compost pickup, or you can check with a community garden, vendors at the farmer’s market, or even in local Facebook groups for people looking for compost.
  • Make an organic, vegetarian meal. Opting to eat less meat and buy organic when possible helps cut down on a major source of greenhouse gases and water pollution (yep - farming is the number one source of water pollution worldwide!). Drop by your local farmer’s market for locally grown produce or sign up for a CSA for the coming summer! Even just adding a few meatless days a week can drastically reduce your contribution to greenhouse gas production over time.
  • Spend some quality time with nature. One of the most powerful ways to remind ourselves to be mindful of how we use and protect resources is to simply take time to be in nature and notice its impact on our wellbeing. Take a walk or hike, take your yoga practice outside, just find a spot to sit and soak in a beautiful view. The more connected we feel to our planet, the more likely we are to take ownership of how we treat it.

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