Super Coffee! (Paleo Latte)

If you haven't heard FAT is making a comeback.  It has been demonized for quite some time now.  But many mainstream doctors and health bloggers are now beginning to praise the benefits of a high fat diet.  Putting fats into coffee helps the caffeine release must slower.  This allows your not to have the coffee jitters and late morning coffee crash.  There are a lot of recipes for various coffee treats on the web but here is mine.

You will need:


12 oz coffee

1 Egg

2 Tbsp Honey

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

1 Tbsp Grass Fed Butter

1 tsp Cinnamon

1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract

People are usually an egg in your coffee?  Are you nuts, that is gross!  But it is actually quite wonderful.  The egg yolk simulates cream and adds richness to the drink and the egg white foams up in the blender and simulates the texture of foam that you would typically find in your craft latte.

First thing I do is take the egg and run it under hot water for 30-45 seconds.  This allows the egg to be warm when you put it in the blender so that it does not make your latte cold.  This is very important unless you like drinking lukewarm coffee right from the get go.

Next add all the ingredients but the egg into the blender and turn on low or medium setting.  Allow to blend for 30 seconds.  Your drink should turn a light brown color.  Next at the warm raw egg.  Do this while the blender is going so that the egg does not cook.  Then turn the blender on high.  I usually let it run on high for no more than 1 minute.  You can do it shorter or longer.  The longer you blend it with the egg in there the more foam you will generate.  It will whip the egg whites into stiff peaks if you are not careful!  I usually run my coffee mug under some hot water as well.  This way I get the hottest drink possible.  

Enjoy this magnificent latte.  You should not get a giant caffeine rush from this drink.  If so you are not using enough fat.  It may seem excessive the amounts I suggest but I can't even tell that they are in there.  It honestly taste just like a latte to me.  You can also add pumpkin pie spices to this.  You may need more or less honey as well.  I also use MCT oil in mine.  Usually just 1 Tbsp in addition to the recipe above.   I will also put everything but the coffee and egg in the blender the night before.  That way there is less work early in the morning.

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