Korean Rice Bowl

This recipe is adapted from a cookbook I got for xmas a few years back.  The book is called Momofuku by David Chang.  This one gets thrown into the meal rotation a lot!  You will need the following ingredients:

·         1 Tbsp Sesame Seeds
·         3/4 tsp Fleur de Sel (any sea salt will do)
·         1/2 tsp Chili Powder
·         1-2 New York Strip Steak
·         1/2 Cup Coconut Aminos
·         3 Tbsp Sesame Oil (I use toasted)
·         1 Bunch Green Onions (Chopped)
·         2 Tbsp Honey or Maple Syrup
·         1/2 tsp Fresh Grated Ginger
·         2 Garlic Cloves (Minced)
·         1.5 lb of Asparagus or Broccoli
·         Eggs
·         Cauliflower Rice

    First take the sesame seeds and lightly toast them in a pan.  Once cooled grind them with the chili powder and salt.  I use this for seasoning/garnish at the end.

     Get a large bowl and add the coconut aminos, sesame oil, honey, ginger, garlic, and 1/2 of the green onions.  Mix well and set aside.  Cut the strip steak into thin slices (1/4 inch) and then place into the bowl with all of the goodies.  I will let this marinate in the fridge for 1/2 hour mixing occasionally and then another 1/2 on the counter so that it isn't cold before I cook it.

     Next prepare a steaming bowl and add asparagus or broccoli to it.  Set aside for later.  (Whenever I cook anything that requires steaming I usually prep it near the beginning so that when I want to start steaming it is ready to go.)  I just turn the burner on and in around 15-20 minutes it is ready.  This helps with timing and also helps maintain a calm kitchen environment.  I try not to ever have to do something on the fly or in a rush.  That is how you mess things up or get hurt!

     Next you should rinse your cauliflower and then either thinly slice it with a knife, which turns it into cauliflower 'dust' or run it through a shredder attachment on your food processor.  I tend to use the knife most often because I don't want to have to wash anything extra.  Get a large sauté/frying pan and add 2-3 Tbsp of fat.  I prefer ghee for this meal, but coconut oil works well too.  Avoid flavorful oils such as olive oil as it will leave an unpleasant taste in your cauliflower that really won't blend well with the other flavors in this dish.  Turn the heat on medium high and once the oil is hot add the cauliflower 'rice'.  You will want to stir often until you get some browning on your rice.  This can be difficult but with practice it becomes easier to tell when you have browned/caramelized your food and not burned it.  I use a combination of sound, smell, and intuition to determine my timing.  Once slightly browned and soft, put cauliflower rice aside in a bowl or serving dish and cover with foil.

    I usually turn the broccoli on in the middle of cooking the cauliflower.  You will need another sauté pan to cook the meat.  To avoid dirtying another pan I use the pan I cooked the cauliflower in.  Just add a Tbsp of fat (coconut oil or ghee) and warm to medium heat.  Then add the steak and marinade to the dish.  It will cook very fast.  Usually no more than a total of 5-6 minutes to get a medium cook on the strip steak. 

     At the very end cook a couple of fried eggs.  This will only take about 90 seconds and take this dish to the next level.  Creamy egg yolks are great to top onto just about any dish you can think of.

    You are now ready to plate this wonderful concoction!  Get some large bowls if you have them and if not a plate works just fine.  Put the cauliflower rice on the bottom and then add the meat followed by your fried egg and steamed veggies.  Now garnish with your spice mixture you made earlier and the remaining green onions.  We enjoy eating this one with chopsticks!

    You can do a lot of variations on this one.  Sometimes I cook some onions, carrots, zucchinis, and mushrooms in the sauté pan before I add the meat.  This helps it stretch a bit farther.  If you want it to have a little kick you can add some red pepper flake as well.

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